Format: Documentary
Channel: Canal Trece
Duration: 1 x 60 mins
Aired: 2018

Every year, for seven days, Bogotá becomes the art capital of Latin América. Catalina Ceballos, current director of the TV network Canal Trece Colombia, visits the main art fairs, in order to understand the cultural impact this week is having in the city’s complex history.

Director: Santiago Posada
Written by: Catalina Ceballos & Santiago Posada
DP: Mauricio Vergara (Comanche) & Lucas Sempere
Produced by: Diego Ossa
Executive Producer: Aura Jaramillo
Original Music: Diego Cáceres
Editor:Javier Pinilla & Santiago Posada
Color grade: Alvaro Calero
Production Company: Macarena & Co.