A drag queen’s fantasy of a triumphant return to the stage, becomes tainted by the troubled past that wrecked his career.

Format: RED 2.35:1 Color
Duration: 5:50 min
Year of Production: 2014
Production Company: Third Channel

Greta Rabal: Borga Sagasti
MC: Marc Brady
Written and Directed by: Santiago Posada
Produced by: Santiago Posada
Original Music: Kate Simko
DoP: Jeremy Valender
Art Direction: Sofia Curi & Livia Henne
Costume Designer: Nina Andersson
Hair & Make Up: Paula Delgado
Sound: Kostas Mastorakis
Editor: David Samuels
1st AD: Irene Moffai
Production Assistant: Maria Mira
Art Director Assistant: Mar Marin Ronco
1st AC: Ben Marshall
Online Editor: Carolina Aguirre @Pundersons Gardens
Sound Designer: Beatriz Artola
Colourist: Faith Millin @ Pundersons Gardens
Stills Photographer: Mathias Falcone
Runner: Blanca Ortiga