Paul “Scruffy” Pulford is a successful gardener and ex-heroin addict who conquered his demons by understanding the laws of nature that he once pushed to the limits.Chasing the Dragon shows a day in the life of Paul Scruffy in his common routine of picking nettle leaves in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park in East London, which he then uses to make nettle soup. The transformation of the stingy nettle leaves into a healthy nutritious soup, runs parallel to the remembrance of his past and present life, illustrating his evolution and gradual understanding of his very own nature.

“The film is very strong. It is of great intensity. Paul is both touching and very impressive: out of the hell in which he was plunged must have required great strength of character. His face, his eyes will live long in my memory.” – Nicolas Philibert

Official Selection:

London International Documentary Film Festival 2011
Hackney Film Festival 2010
Open City Docs Fest 2012

Duration: 11:16 min
Format: HDV 16:9 B/W Color
Year of Production: 2009
Distribution: Shorts International
Production Company: Third Channel
Director: Santiago Posada
Producer: Dorothea Gibbs
Photography: Santiago Posada
Editing: Santiago Posada
Sound: Romain Buchot
Music: Anthony Burke
Production Company: Third Channel