The village of San Basilio de Palenque in Colombia was founded by Benkos Biohó in the XVIIth century. It is the first walled community of runaway slaves in the Americas to have gained independence from the colonizing regime.

In 2008, the first ever music-recording studio of the village was set up, in an effort to help preserve their endangered musical heritage. This film follows three of the singers that passed through the doors of San Basilio Estudio.


CBS Radio, Canada
iCrates, Germany
Video Interview on Terra TV
Radio Interview on Caracol Radio, Colombia 2012
Radio Interview on Caracol Radio, Colombia 2012


EBS International Doc. Festival, South Korea 2011
Wassermusik Festival, Berlin 2012
London BFI African Odysseys
Copylove Festival 2013
In-Edit Film Festival, Bogotá 2013

Duration: 35 min
Format: DVCAM 4:3 Color
Year of Publication: 2012
Distribution: Soul Jazz Records
Production Company: Third Channel

Directed & Produced by: Santiago Posada, Simón Mejía
Associate Producer: Dorothea Gibbs
Editors: Santiago Posada, Simón Mejía, Simón Hernández
Titles and Colourist: Simón Hernández
Music Coordinator: Guillermo Valencia
Original Music: Estrellas del Caribe, To Anelo Memo Sexteto, Sikito, Manuela Torres, Cumbia 20 de Enero, Son Malagana, Luis Towers, La 33
Production Assistants: Sebastián Salgado, Edwin Valdés, Franklin “Lamparita” Tejedor
Music Recording Assistants: Yadelsi Restrepo, Sabino Cassiani, Edwin Valdés
Supported by: Prince Claus Fund, Holland